17. April 2018: Potto subspecies have now been raised to full species level. The approximate ranges are given on the map here. 

17. April 2017: A new species of Patas Monkey (Erythrocebus poliophaeus) has been described recently. We have adapted the map accordingly. 

The revision of the Larger Mammals is now available (July 2017). The list of those species that are covered can be found in this table, including scientific, English, French and German common names:

Sc E G F names Larger Mammals for website.xlsx Sc E G F names Larger Mammals for website.xlsx
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20. July 2017: Unfortunately an error occurred in one of the distribution maps - the Sanje Mangabey on page 47, the correct map is here:

20. July 2017: Since compiling the book, already new distribution data has become available for some species. Here are 2 new distribution maps: Cercopithecus dryas left and Erythrocebus patas right.

20.07.2017: A few taxonomic changes have also been made !

  1. The African Wolf is now Canis lupaster (not C. anthus) but this is still under discussion.
  2. Black-backed Jackal is now Lupulella (Canis) mesomelas.
  3. Side-striped Jackal is now Lupulella (Canis) adusta.
  4. Kinda Yellow Baboon is now a full species in its own right, Papio kindae.
  5. Common or Robust Chimpanzee - some believe it should be P. t. marungensis in East Africa.

And finally a note on the Okapi: latest estimates of animal numbers are 10,000-15,000.