21. March 2017:

At base in Loxton, waiting for rain, working on the laptops. A short illustrated travelogue and some nature notes have been added to the website today. 

13. January 2017:

Getting ready for a 4 weeks rainy season trip to Botswana, Northern Namibia and the Namib. 

25. September 2016:

On Tuesday we are leaving Höf to the Burgenland, looking for mounds of Mus spicilegus - Ährenmaus - Mound-building Mouse or Steppe Mouse, before flying back to South Africa on the 29. September. We expect to be settled in Loxton by 6. October. And Bruno is also saying farewell to Europe until next time. 

20. August 2016:

Earlier this week we drove south to Gamlitz, Steiermark (Styria), avoided freeways and enjoyed the scenery en route. Through an acquaintance we were able to photograph a young Edible Dormouse (Glis glis) :

We also keep our automatic camera set at Höf amongst the old fruit trees behind the house, and finally get some nice results: Red Fox photographed itself already three times. 

We will be back at our Karoo base by early October 2016. 

7. August 2016:

In Höf, Waxenberg, Gemeinde Oberneukirchen. The summer stays cool and quite wet, we heat the Kachelofen every day, or every other day. Late afternoons are pleasantly warm sitting out against the house wall overlooking the hills of the Mühlviertel. Today great activity on all farms to mow and dry the grass on the meadows. Our visit to Prague was very successful, both in the Natural History Museum and the Zoo. Food, drinks and hotel in the city centre very pleasant, and everybody understood English, a relief. Early September we will go back to Plzen Zoo, we need more time there, an amazing biodiversity, animals and plants. 

12. June 2016:

Settled in our Austrian home, already have made forays to Western Austria and Switzerland, tomorrow we leave for 2 weeks in a variety of German museums and zoos. Ending with time in Czechia. 

19. February 2016:

We are back from the Kgalagadi and now in Loxton. Kalahari was partly green and partly dry, with some amazing sightings: Eleven secretarybirds at one waterhole (watch a video clip ), twenty bateleurs in flight in one flock, confrontation between lesser flamingo and bateleur (watch the video clip ), bushveld sengis and barking geckos feeding on termite allates in the heat of the day.