The time has just been running away and our web page updates have suffered as a result. A few short thoughts from the last three months:


The whole hunting ethics saga in South Africa continues. With the unethical hunters cornering PHASA - pro "canned lion hunting", amongst other issues. Those more ethical hunters breaking away from PHASA to found CPHCSA. South African hunting is already viewed from overseas with a hint of disgust. Safari Club International and Boone&Crocket no longer recognize PHASA, or its governing body. The message, don't hunt in South Africa! The unethical crowd deserve it but those backing CPHCSA do not! But the damage is done. 

EXOTIC or not?

When does an "imported" species become naturalized? Brown Rat, Black Rat and House Mouse - these rodents have spent centuries in far-flung parts of the world away from their Asian homelands. They can never be eradicated, much too late for that, so do we just accept they are now part of the natural fauna whether we like it, or not? The Cape Hare, a denizen of Africa, was introduced to Sardinia several centuries ago, at least that is the theory. Is it now part of the natural fauna of that Mediterranean island? Raccoon Dogs now roam great tracts of Europe after having escaped, or been released, from fur farms. Although efforts are made to eradicate them in their introduced range this will never happen.

Coypu, or Nutria
, an import, originally, from South America and lodged in fur farms in Europe escaped, or were released when the fur market collapsed. They are spreading, they are a major pest, but we will never get rid of them. Cull yes but eradicate them, it will never happen. Is it naturalized?

One could go on, what about the American Mink, Canadian Beaver and... in Europe. Are they naturalized? 
Of course this is going on all over the world.

Fascination with 'Out of Africa':

We cannot help but think that 'man' did not only disperse out of Africa despite all the hype surrounding this concept. There is more and more evidence, pushing back the time limits, that different branches of pre-, or modern, man actually evolved away from the African continent. The time limits seem to push ever outwards. 

Only a thought - more later. The obsession will be revisited.


We first did not want to sully our web page with this name and his obsession with 'anti-immigration'. However, to be fair, the Mexican government put into effect anti-immigration laws already in 1830! Just a thought.