It seems that the modern trend in game farming in South Africa is to specialise in the breeding of colour morphs of a range of antelope species. It started some years ago with the Springbok, white, black and copper coloured morphs but this has now drawn in the Blue Wildebeest (golden), Gemsbok/Oryx (golden), white Blesbok, black Impala, and one shudders to think what next. 
The motivation of course is financial as many of these morphs bring tens and even hundreds of thousands of Rand at game auctions. We cannot help but wonder whether trophy hunters of the future will be prepared to pay prices that will realise an equivalent return for the game farmer. We suspect that the game farmer and breeder will come short on this one.

The antelope in their normal coats appear far more attractive to us than these colour morphs but perhaps somebody knows something that we do not?