On a recent visit to the Neusiedler See in eastern Austria, on the Hungarian border, we encountered feral cats - lots of them. This is a national park and one of the most important bird conservation areas in Austria/Hungary. 

No information is available on the impact these cats are having on the bird and other vertebrate, and invertebrate life. Going on information from England, Sweden and Germany the impact is probably considerable. So, why is nothing being done to control or eradicate this felid horde? In part no doubt lack of finances but also the 'bunny huggers' that want nothing killed. But also the dreaded European Union rules and laws. You can catch and sterilize them but you may not kill them. Is this illogical or not? 

Feral cats have no place in a conservation area, especially one dedicated primarily to the preservation of birds. This is a case of "putting a cat among the pigeons".