It is already a while ago that Cecil the Lion was shot by an American dentist in Zimbabwe. The outcry, for a while, dominated the news, even rising to the level of the migrant crisis in Europe. Then a large Savanna Elephant tusker was shot by a trophy hunter in the south-east of the same country. Again, an outcry, because the Elephant had a name - a massive outcry against hunters, hunting outfitters and what they stand for. For a short time it pushed Nigeria's Boko Haram off the news headlines. 

Yet, Africa's lion population is in rapid decline, possibly less than 400 in the whole of West Africa. Is there an outcry? Not at all, as these lions do not have names. Nobody really knows how many Elephant are being killed by ivory poachers each year but the best count is at least 20 000 of these magnificient creatures die to the bullet. But, they do not have names. 

Where is the outcry for the nameless Lions and Savanna Elephants that are dying on the African savannas and in its woodlands? These are mere statistics so nobody seems to care - but call it Cecil and you all wake up!