Beautiful landscapes with surviving wildlife. At this time of year the Alpine Ibex and Chamois are on the high meadows above the tree-line, so difficult to locate. A few Brown Bears survive here in the Triglav National Park close to the Italian Alps but their true stronghold is in the south of Slovenia in the forests, with an estimated 400 individuals. For another visit! 

From our viewpoint one of the disturbing and annoying aspects of this park and many others around the world is the need for 'adventure' and 'extreme sports'. Why do so few people enjoy nature for nature's sake? White water rafting and canoeing, mountain biking, zip lines... and so on! For those few that enjoy nature for its own sake the shrieking that accompanies these pursuits is annoying and disturbing. Quietly watching Alpine choughs to the accompaniment of motorbikes, mobs of unseeing tourists...

In the many tourist brochures and official park guides the wildlife (and it is there) is either not mentioned, or only in passing as if it is of no consequence. Lodgings and activities seem to be paramount.

As always the real issue is just too many people.