There have been several well publicized ivory and rhino horn burns in recent years, with the most massive in Nairobi NP, Kenya not long ago! These symbolic bonfires are spectacular and popular in some quarters but do they really help slow down poaching of Elephant and the two rhino species? We think not!

Until the demand is staunched in Asia and other parts of the world the poaching will continue. The wildlife trade is one of the largest illicit outlets and sources of income for the international criminal world. Even if China, Vietnam and other countries were to rigorously implement controls and ban all trade it will still continue because vast sums of money are involved and corruption is often rampant. Asia is the biggest market for ivory and horn but the USA despite its numerous laws and controls lies in second place in the ivory stakes. 

Flood the markets with the stockpiles of ivory and horn, in the hope of driving down the price, and as a result the demand for poached animals in the wild. Perhaps 'don't burn' should be the motto? 

The sad part is that in the long run the elephants and rhinos are doomed by the ever burgeoning human populations!