On our recent stay in Karoo National Park we encountered small Lion prides, one with two cubs, another with four of almost nine months. We have to ask the questions, how many Lion can a park such as Karoo National Park carry, and when carrying capacity is reached what will be done with the surplus? 
One certainly needs to introduce new genetic stock from time to time in these 'closed' parks but demand for Lions for introduction or reintroduction is limited. Perhaps it is time that SANParks was open on its large carnivore management programmes in such parks as Karoo (Lion), Mountain Zebra (Lion and Cheetah), Addo (Lion, Cheetah, African Wild Dog and Spotted Hyaena). 
We are regular visitors to the Karoo National Park and have noticed a definite downward trend in the numbers of Greater Kudu. Are they the principal target of the Lions here?