During the course of this year rhino poachers and their bosses in South Africa seem to have been having a relatively easy time (except those eaten by lions).

  • One 'Mr. Big' Mabuza released on bail in Nelspruit with 'strict' conditions - report to the local police station once a week and only leave the area with permission! Guess there was a party!
  • One 'prolific rhino poaching kingpin' in Botswana, one Mayo, released on bail despite being on Interpol's Red List of most-wanted wildlife criminals!
  • Then one of the 'top dog' rhino horn dealers, Chumlang Lemtongthai, a Thai national, sentenced to 40 years in a South African prison in 2012, was recently released after just 6 years and deported. No doubt it will become business as usual for Chumlang!
The lowly poacher with the supplied rifle and ammunition usually ends up in jail but the 'Mr. Bigs' (there are a few 'Mrs. Bigs') either get away with it or do minimal time such as Chumlang.