We recently read about the feeding of the feral horses in the vicinity of Aus in southern Namibia. Mathilde and I first encountered these horses in 2003 and we were impressed by how they had survived against all the odds from the early 20th century. But they are not part of the natural system of things and if they survive so be it but man should not intervene and feed them.

We both are horse people but where feral horses enter a natural ecosystem they should be removed or controlled. In Australia the Brumbies are part of the rural legend (Man from Snowy River) but they are present in large numbers, destroy natural habitats and should be culled! But the greenies and "horse lovers” say no, they must be protected! The realists say no, get rid of them- we agree! 

In North America the mustangs run rampant, likewise damaging the natural ecosystems, but many scream and shout- save the Mustangs. Why! They are as much a pest as the Black and Brown Rats but nobody likes rats, everybody loves horses! To watch a herd of feral horses gallop across the prairie or outback is without doubt a beautiful sight but they should not be there!