Consider this - the 2016/2017 budget for South African National Parks is roughly R 1.86 billion, for Cape Nature approximately R 304 million (2014/2015). We are well aware that not all of these budgets go into what we call “real conservation” but one has to measure this against the cost of a single F117 Nighthawk stealth aircraft - R 1.4 billion, or a South African produced Rooivalk attack helicopter at a mere R 500 million. We could go further but there is no point - governments and man have their priorities, to kill each other makes money, lots of it, but conservation is an emotional loss making exercise!

   ZAR 500,000,000.- 
By Danie van der Merwe - originally posted to Flickr as Rooivalk Attack Helicopter, CC BY 2.0,

     ZAR 1,400,000,000.-
By Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon II -, Public Domain,