Chris & Mathilde Stuart 

Scientists / Authors / Photographers / Filmmakers

About Us

We have been involved in wildlife research and book writing for over 40 years. Our interests are wide and include photography, writing and travel; conservation and wildlife research; horses and music. We have published many scientific and popular articles. Between us we have visited, and spent time in, 50 countries, including Canada, USA, Australia and Zambia, with our time being split between our homes in South Africa and Austria.


Mathilde was educated in Austria and Iran, her final degree a medical doctorate from the University of Innsbruck; Chris attended school in England and South Africa and graduated with an MSc in wildlife ecology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.


We have had 29 books published, including several best selling field guides and many are available as e-books or apps. We have now published 4 mammal apps and are currently developing a series of natural history guides that will combine facts about the wildlife, vegetation and geology for many different countries and regions of the world, in both paper and electronic formats under the banner StuartOnNature. We also have an extensive library of digital still and moving images and sound recordings.