Field Guide to the Tracks & Signs of Southern, Central and East African Wildlife - New material 

March 2015:

Smith's Red Rock Rabbit - Pronolagus rupestris:

The undersurfaces of the feet of the red rock rabbits are typical of the hares and rabbits, well haired or 'springy' to the touch. Pads and claws seldom show in the tracks, hence the 'four foot' pattern is most reliable for identification. 


Hind foot: 76mm long x 26mm wide                                                  Front foot: 37 mm long x 22 mm wide


August 2014:

Golden Cat: 

New material on Golden Cat is now available, all images (c) Laila Bahaa-el-din except that of the tracks in mud (c) Major Boddicker. 

Hind feet (top left) and front tracks in mud (top right). Two examples of scat of Golden Cat in the wild from Gabon (bottom). 


July 2014: 

Page 35: Golden Cat - the correct scientific name is Caracal aurata 

Page 134: Common Warthog - track lengths - front 45 mm, back 47 mm

Page 444: Behaviour note: Acacia rat - These and the Black-tailed tree rat build passageways along branches with thorny twigs, providing protection against predators. These passageways often lead from nests or tree holes to feeding sites in trees.