An unusual Verreaux's (Black) Eagle nest

Verreaux's (or Black) Eagles (Aquila verreauxii) nearly always construct their nests on inaccessible cliffs, rarely in tall trees but never on the ground. We followed two breeding seasons (2009 / 2010) of a pair of Verreaux's Eagles that had an established nest on the 45 degree slope of an isolated rocky outcrop in the central Great Karoo. In both seasons they successfully raised a chick. Predators such as Black-backed Jackal, Caracal, Cape Fox and African Wild Cat are not uncommon in the area but obviously the parent birds were able to provide adequate protection to egg and chick throughout the long raising period. Rock Hyrax (Procavia capensis) are very common in the area and these made up over 95% of prey brought to the chick.